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Darya Hoodeh Khalij Fars Co. is established in 2010.And began it’s activity in the fields of processing, packaging, importing and exporting of various types of aquatic products.

The board members of the company have several decades of experience in this field.

Our commercial brand is Tomi/ Tom Tom. Fields of activity:

1.Fishing , breeding ,processing , packaging, operating of all kinds of aquatic products for the distribution in domestic and the international markets.

2-The products of this company have been exported to Iraq ,UAE ,China ,Georgia, Russia , Spain. Most of our export products is aquatic products besides shrimp.

3.Our imports are mostly from China, Indonesia , India , Vietnam , Norway ,New Zealand and they include tilapia ,salmon, hoki , hag fish, mackerel fillet , and all types of canned fish.

4.Canned fish, canned beans and mushrooms.

5. Contracts with organizations and large companies to provide a variety of aquatic products in the form of a basket of goods for their personnel.

6.contracts with contracting companies , catering , hotels , restaurants

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Though Darya hoodeh khalije fars has been registered in 2010, the history of the company has been around for more than three decades with the history of the company's board of directors and its partners in the field of aquaculture. The following is briefly cited below.

1. Member of the Board and Shareholder in Pichak Corporation (Public Corporation) - Producer of Tuna Fish Tin.

2. Member of the Board of Bandar Abbas Fisheries Company (producing canned tuna fish, processing and packaging of aquatic animals)

3. Member of the Board of Directors at Saba Jihad Investment Company.

4. Paide Nikan Trading Company

5-member of the Board of Directors in Abzi farayand Company of Bushehr (Aquaculture and Packaging)

6. Member of the board of directors and shareholder of Darya hoodeh company (import and export of aquatic species)

7-Member of the Board and Shareholder in the development and trade of Hoodeh (import and export of aquatic species)





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